Who We Are: Pioneering the Future of Digital Marketing

At Alaire Marketing, we're more than just a digital marketing agency. As your dedicated digital marketing partner, we're here to help your business achieve unparalleled success. With expertise in website design, targeted traffic generation, video content creation, and cutting-edge social media strategies, our customized approach ensures rapid, tangible results for your business.

We're adept at understanding the evolving digital world and its challenges. With the constantly changing digital marketing landscape, staying ahead can be overwhelming. But with our passionate team, guiding businesses like yours through this digital journey becomes effortless. We're here to introduce innovative techniques, driving potential clients directly to you.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at driving traffic. We go beyond. Our strategies don't just attract and engage; they convert visitors into dedicated customers. As we handle your digital marketing intricacies, you can focus solely on running your business. Trust in us, your digital marketing experts, to bring customers to you.

Our Promise: Tailored Digital Solutions for Unmatched Growth

The digital world offers endless opportunities, but connecting with the right audience remains a hurdle for many. Alaire Marketing, your trusted digital marketing agency, promises to use its vast experience and successful history to drive your business's growth. Our strength lies not just in bringing traffic but in bringing the right traffic – customers genuinely interested in what you offer.

Born from a desire to uplift businesses, we take pride in boosting them to newfound heights. We manage all aspects of digital marketing, from attracting to engaging prospects, freeing you to create memorable experiences for your clientele.

With Alaire Marketing by your side, envision a future of thriving business, supported by a consistent stream of loyal clients.

Meet Our Incredible Team:

Terèssa Blanchett

Founder & CEO

Terèssa is the visionary founder and CEO at the helm of our digital marketing voyage. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in operations, team development, and sales and marketing, she brings a wealth of knowledge and an insatiable drive for innovation to our team.

Terèssa's leadership style is dynamic and inspirational, ensuring that Alaire Marketing not only stays ahead of the ever-evolving digital marketing curve but also pioneers new strategies for our clients' success. Her expertise lies in identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends, crafting bespoke marketing solutions that resonate with target audiences, and fostering a culture of excellence within our team.

Terèssa's passionate commitment to excellence and her strategic vision are the cornerstones of our agency, empowering us to deliver outstanding results and maintain our position as leaders in the digital marketing industry.

Rachel Stewart

Director of Digital Strategy and Creative Design

Rachel is the strategic mastermind behind our integrated digital campaigns, seamlessly blending creativity with digital marketing savvy across Social Media, PPC, SEO, and beyond.

With over a decade of experience navigating the digital landscape, Rachel's holistic approach ensures that every aspect of our clients' online presence—from compelling content marketing to sophisticated website designs—is not only visually impactful but optimized for maximum engagement and conversion.

Her innovative tactics and deep understanding of digital ecosystems empower brands to achieve a cohesive online identity, driving growth and bolstering reputation in the digital realm.

Rachel's leadership is characterized by a forward-thinking mentality and a collaborative spirit, making them a pivotal force in our mission to elevate brands with cutting-edge digital strategies.

Sarah Ackerman

Senior Project Manager

Sarah brings over 16 years of experience in sales and digital marketing to her role as our Senior Project Manager, where she is the linchpin of project management excellence.

Sarah’s proactive approach and commitment to excellence ensure that our team remains synchronized, fostering an environment where creativity and efficiency are not just encouraged but thrive.

Her profound understanding of the digital marketing landscape enables her to adeptly translate clients' visions into measurable successes, reinforcing our dedication to being industry leaders.

Sarah’s leadership, marked by her innovative problem-solving and ability to inspire, is crucial in our continuous effort to deliver outstanding digital marketing solutions.


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