9 Ways to Optimize Your Website to Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Boosting your search engine ranking does not have to be an impossible task for small businesses. While you don’t have the budget of larger companies, you can still use many of the same strategies.

The great thing about SEO is that it delivers long-term results that don’t require you to pay for every single click like PPC ads would.

The following are some of the best methods to optimize your small business’ website to boost your search engine ranking:

1. Research Your Keywords

A crucial part of SEO is using the right keywords. One of the best ways to find the right keywords is to figure out what your potential customers search for.

Start by typing a few words into Google’s search bar and then look at the suggestions from autocomplete. You should also use keyword research tools to help you. There are both free and paid options available, so you can easily find one that meets your budget.

6 Ways To Personalize Your Marketing, Bob (Kidding!)

One of the things that modern consumers want from digital marketing is personalization, as long as it’s done right (see the title above for an example of how NOT to do it).

This can be overwhelming at times, especially for small business owners who believe they don’t have the resources needed to personalize. In reality, technology has made it easy for businesses of all sizes and types to personalize their marketing strategy.

The following are some of the simplest and most effective methods that small businesses can use to personalize their digital marketing:

1. Gather Data

The first step to personalizing your digital marketing is to gather as much data about your customers as you can. You will use this to segment your audience and help with the personalization. The more data you have, the better.

While getting clients to fill out a survey is a convenient way to gather data, your clients likely won’t want to. You can offer them an incentive to do so or ask for bits and pieces of information over time.

8 Ways to Get More Sales Opportunities in Your Pipeline in2021

After the year we’ve all had, seeing a much brighter economic forecast for the year ahead is music to our ears. Now is the time to make sure you’re ready to take advantage of it!

Here are 8 things you can do today to make the most of your opportunities in the year ahead.

Target Trigger Events in Your Marketing

In just about every sales process, there are trigger events that drive prospects to consider your products and services. In B2B businesses, an example would be the opening of a new location. In the case of B2C, an example could be if most conversions come from people who just bought a new house.

Identify the trigger events that drive sales opportunities and target your marketing message, channels, and timing to ensure that your company is top of mind as these trigger events happen.


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