What Is AI Copywriting And Can It be Risky for Your Business?

Image Depicting AI Copywriting

Copywriting has been around since long before the internet. It involved writing compelling and creative copy for print and electronic ads.

With the advent of the internet, copywriting moved online as businesses set up websites and social media profiles. Copywriting has always been an important aspect of search engine optimization of SEO.  

Google rewards websites with quality copywriting by placing their links higher up on the search engine results page. This means that whenever someone searches for a relevant query, that website appears in one of the top positions, thereby gaining more traffic.  

What Is Micro Influencer Marketing And How It Can Help You Grow A Brand

Image Representing Micro Influencer Marketing

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is incomplete without influencer marketing in this day and age.

Brands looking to maximize reach on social media networks for generating more leads and increasing sales need to rely on users who have built significant online followings. Their audiences can be leveraged through targeted campaigns to achieve the aforementioned objectives.  

The common perception seems to be that influencer marketing is only effective when brands work with popular influencers that have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers across multiple networks.

5 Tips For Dealing With A Bad Business Review

Image Depicting Bad Reviews

Being in business isn’t for the faint of heart. While you may sometimes get positive reviews from satisfied customers, occasionally, you’ll get a negative review despite doing your best to provide excellent customer service.

Getting online reviews can feel like riding a roller coaster. The good reviews are easy to get through, but the bad reviews will make you toss and turn all night. How do you deal with a negative review?

While your first reaction may be to ignore it, you really should make sure to address it and do so quickly.   Here are five tips on how to deal with a bad review online.  


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