Link-Building Strategies That Work in 2022

The guidance on how to get your content to rank high in search results has changed over the years. The focus is always on Google, which is the world’s leading search engine, and it often makes changes to its algorithms that require content marketers to adapt their strategies.

The algorithm updates that Google makes can often make or break sites. If it significantly changes ranking signals, some sites can end up losing a big chunk of their traffic overnight, and getting it back seems almost impossible.

However, there’s one SEO best practice that has stood the test of time and that’s link building. It has been used since the very early days of the online search engine. Quality inbound links are viewed as a positive ranking factor by Google and other search engines.

Unfortunately, a lot of people try to take shortcuts when it comes to link building by employing methods that are frowned upon.

Why the Facebook Ad Library Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Running Facebook ads can be a daunting experience, particularly if you’re a small business that can’t afford to have a digital marketing agency on the payroll. You’re probably having to do everything yourself, from designing the creatives to writing copy, setting up campaigns, dialing in the targeting, and executing the campaigns.

It can all get a bit too much and if you’re a novice, chances are that you’ll end up burning up a significant chunk of your ad budget before you get the hang of things. In such cases, you may often find yourself wondering if there was a secret weapon of sorts that you could use to learn how the pros are doing marketing on Facebook these days and what seems to be working for them.

Trying to search for such a Facebook secret weapon can turn up all sorts of dubious results online. From useless courses to shady tools, there’s no shortage of people willing to make a quick buck on the backs

Why You Should Be Maximizing Your Content On Social Media

Build it and they will come, is how the popular saying goes, but it’s not entirely accurate when it comes to social media. The general advice for brands now is that they must absolutely have a social media presence. However, this goes far beyond just firing up your favorite social media platform and creating an account.

It’s not that simple. Just having accounts or posting randomly without a defined strategy isn’t going to get you the desired results. With so many different social media platforms available now, brands also need to be more diligent about what they’re posting, when they’re posting, and how they can drive the maximum engagement out of it.

Building out your brand on social media, particularly organically, can be a soul-crushing experience. That’s seriously not an exaggeration. Many brands that don’t want to throw money on the problem right out the gate struggle with establishing their social media presence.


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